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Vi assistant…

Vi assistant
Clik on the picture to enlarge and to see the animated gif, as the thumbnailing made only a still image.
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Update :
Oops….forgot to thank Slavka for having pointed me to it. 🙂

Some news…

Wow…such a long time without a post

Hi all..I will try with in this post to say all what I forgot to blog since last week.

I will go in reverse chronological order so if you want to read it chronologically directly go to the bottom and read by going up to the top 😉

Today. I went to eat at the pub as usual. The boss there will open a fast-food and « vente à emporter » part aside the pub next 25th of April, and is testing the hamburgers he will sell there on his recurrent and privileged clients, asking what we are thinking about them. Got a hamburger with beef piece and roquefort sauce and another one with chicken and « sauce bearnaise ». They were good. Nothing, but really nothing in common with « The big company of Ronald »‘s hamburgers. Then I went to pick my book at the post office. Here it is. I finally got it and started to read the first pages. 🙂

On sunday nothing much. Went to visit and eat with my mother. She is preparing to go on the « Chemins de Saint Jacques de Compostelle ».

On saturday.
Arrived at my father place at around 14:00. Stayed blocked on the road around Lodeve for about 50 min, I was astonished. For those who don’t know I will try to explain. This road I took is the highway joining Millau and its now famous Viaduc to Montpellier. And almost in the middle there is the charming town of Lodeve where the highway passes thru a tunnel. In fact two tunnels as there is one for each direction. They were working on one of the tunnels and we passed both directions in the same tunnel for long. But since the beginning of April the work in progress in the tunnel was supposed to be finished and the tunnel opened. They even celebrated it with the « Ministre des Transports » and so on. But They had the rich idea to put the circulation on only one line just at the entry of the tunnel, and moreover a day when there is scholar vacations starting, and so lots of trafic on the highway as people were going at their places for vacations. I always have problems with this tunnel each times I take this road. :-/
The day started not very well anyway as the postman find the way to pass and ring the bell the only time I was under the shower as I didn’t hear it. I was waiting for my copy of « Mono: A developer’s notebook » I purchased at Amazon.
Mono : A Developer's Notebook (Developer's Notebook)
But it ended better as I joined Fabrice and Valerie, my friends from Lyon, and Florence and Fabien, at a wine bar. We then went to a restaurant to eat together. Nice evening.

On friday‘s evening I watched « Blanche » directed by Bernie Bonvoisin. Really liked this movie.

On thursday, I went out to drink a beer at the pub. So long time I didn’t went out to drink a good Guinness. It was really pleasant. I hope that with this new shift I try to get, 10:00-12:00 then 14:00-20:00, I will be able to have a better social life.

On wednesday, I was awaken by the postman who was bringing to me the order I talked about in my previous post. The Moby’s CD sounds great. The two Bertignac’s CDs are fabulous as is the one I already got some years ago, and I kept the DVD « Blanche » for friday’s evening.


Ooops… J’avais oublie mon probleme de caracteres accentues. Desole, je reprends le texte en virant les accents.

Dans tous les sens du terme.
Mardi soir j’ai ete au concert de Popa Chubby qui se produisait sur Rodez.
j’ai qu’un seul mot: enorme.
Lui physiquement, mais bon ca a pas l’air de le gener, et moi non plus 😉
Puis musicalement. C’est un sacre gars que le Popa. Il maitrise son art. Un bon blues rock new yorkais comme il dit lui meme. Ca me manquait un bon concert. Tres bonne soiree.
Un seul bemol toutefois. Le lieu. Le concert avait lieu au Laury’s. Rien a dire sur le lieu lui-meme hormis le fait que pour un concert ca le fait pas.Le Laury’s est une discotheque.
Disons que ne pas mettre de scene pour surelever le groupe ca peut passer, mais quand en plus a trois metres du groupe se trouve une zone un peu plus basse que le reste (en fait le milieu de la boite de nuit), et que sur la dite zone de trois metres entre le groupe et cette fameuse zone en contrebas viennent se placer tous les grands de la salle, quand on se retrouve dans la zone en contrebas on ne voit plus rien.


I lately bought several CDs and DVDs.
Tri Yann [inclus 1 CD Audio]Evanescence - Anywhere But HomeLove.Angel.Music.Baby [Deluxe Edition]

First DVDs is from Tri Yann. It’s the video of one of their show. Still haven’t watched it, so cannot give my feelings about it yet.
Second DVD is the Evanescence’s Everywhere But Home. In fact it is both the audio CD of the concert in Paris and the video DVD of the show. I listened to the CD and am rather happy with it. Started to watch the DVD but couldn’t finish, didn’t had the time to. So far I am rather happy with it. I like the songs, I like the video, I don’t regreat my buy.
The third, is , IMHO, one of the most, if not the most, disappointing buy I made talking about CDs. It’s the Gwen Stefani’s LAMB first solo album.
Except the hit, heard on all radios or seen on all TVs, « What are you waiting for? », I wasn’t good surprized and even attracted by any of the other songs of the CD. Perhaps I need to listen to it a bit more, but I really feel like it wasn’t a good buy and I am even thinking to sell it or give it to someone else. I find it sounding so much like al this R’n’B crap that I don’t like. Nothing in common with what No Doubt’s sound was, and perhaps I was expecting too much something like No Doubt, even in her solo career?
I will however try to listen to that CD a bit more to be sure I don’t like it at all, and then I’ll will see what I’ll do of it.
For now, I got this morning a mail from telling to me, that my order was shipped. I am waiting for the last Moby’s CD, « Hotel », two old Louis Bertignac et les Visiteurs CDs, and a DVD movie from Bernie Bonvoisin (ex Trust) who turned into movie director, « Blanche ».
hotelLouis Bertignac et les VisiteursRocksBlanche


Si un utilisateur de WordPress 1.5 peut me dire ce que j’ai casse dans la configuration et comment faire pour que ca ne fasse pas ca dans l’affichage du planet gnomefr….(tous les posts a la meme date…et meme en fait certains posts n’apparaissent pas du tout)
Merci par avance

Il semblerait que le probleme de tous les posts qui s’affichent ensemble a la meme date a ete resolu par vuntz. Merci vuntz!!!
Reste toutefois le probleme des accents 🙁

…and a Firefox to rule them all!!!

Sometimes ago I was writing on my blog about my search of a blogger community on Rodez, saying that I had that idea after reading a double pages article in « L’Independant » one of the newspapers of the press group I work for. This morning by opening the newspaper I found in my mailbox (it was a day off today for me, as I will work next weekend), I had the surprise to see an article about the blogs and mainly about youngs writing (sky)blogs from Rodez. What surprized me the most is that the picture associated to the article was a screenshot taken from my own linux workstation at work proudly showing a Firefox window, with all my quicklinks in the quicklink bar, « Da Linux French Page, freshmeat, KernelTrap, OSNews (though I don’t know why I kept this one, I am not reading it so often), FootNotes, Templeet« . Ermm, I hope Damien won’t mind, the only link that is missing, is the GnomeMeeting’s link. That’s because I have it as homepage and it automatically opens on the Gnomemeeting’s website, so no link in the quicklink bar. 😉
This said I am rater proud that my linux workstation was used and that we published a picture with Firefox, knowing that it was generated with the Gimp as they didn’t know how to take a screenshot under Windows.


I’ll try to get the authorization to post the resulting picture here when I’ll work tomorrow, or better the PDF of the newspaper page.

Am I a switcher myself too ?

… you’re making me doubt now!
So after Linus, Hubert, Tristan, certainly lots of others, did I fall in love with a Mac?
Ok, I agree the comparison is easy, just take some famous names and say that I do and feel the same as them. But I have to get you interested, dear reader(s), for you to come and read my humble blog. 😉

Well the story is this one. Yesterday, at work, we installed an Apple XServe, and I have to recognize that I felt very impressed by it. I am not an Apple guy, and at work I use(d) to do the fewest things I could regarding the Mac machines we work with. But the Xserve (what a pretty piece of hardware) and mostly the Mac OSX impressed me much (you have to think to the Shania Twain song’s melody « That doesn’t impress me much »).
To be followed after I came back from eating
« So? what’s the big deal? » will you say. Well, no big deal, just that I am discovering a world I was totally ignorant before, and that I find rather interesting finally. I was already thinking of buying one of those Apple Mac Mini lately, to transform it into a multimedia server, but the different review I could read about it, « refreshed » me a bit.
About the installation of the XServe at work, everything was so easily done, so nicely done thru that very pretty interface which is the Max OSX graphic user interface, and moreover the ability of doing everything from a terminal finished to make me fall in love.