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Weekend en Aveyron…

A l’occasion d’une visite à ma mère sur son lieu de villégiature en Aveyron, un petit camping municipal où nous avions l’habitude d’aller lorsque j’étais gamin, et d’une réunion familiale, voici   ma petite balade moto du weekend (plus ou moins 420 kms) :

Agrandir le plan

(je tiens à préciser que ce satané Google Maps fait passer le chemin par l’autoroute A75 entre Le Caylar et L’Hospitalet du Larzac, mais que j’ai pris la route et ai soigneusement évité l’autoroute.)

Some news…

Wow…such a long time without a post

Hi all..I will try with in this post to say all what I forgot to blog since last week.

I will go in reverse chronological order so if you want to read it chronologically directly go to the bottom and read by going up to the top 😉

Today. I went to eat at the pub as usual. The boss there will open a fast-food and « vente à emporter » part aside the pub next 25th of April, and is testing the hamburgers he will sell there on his recurrent and privileged clients, asking what we are thinking about them. Got a hamburger with beef piece and roquefort sauce and another one with chicken and « sauce bearnaise ». They were good. Nothing, but really nothing in common with « The big company of Ronald »‘s hamburgers. Then I went to pick my book at the post office. Here it is. I finally got it and started to read the first pages. 🙂

On sunday nothing much. Went to visit and eat with my mother. She is preparing to go on the « Chemins de Saint Jacques de Compostelle ».

On saturday.
Arrived at my father place at around 14:00. Stayed blocked on the road around Lodeve for about 50 min, I was astonished. For those who don’t know I will try to explain. This road I took is the highway joining Millau and its now famous Viaduc to Montpellier. And almost in the middle there is the charming town of Lodeve where the highway passes thru a tunnel. In fact two tunnels as there is one for each direction. They were working on one of the tunnels and we passed both directions in the same tunnel for long. But since the beginning of April the work in progress in the tunnel was supposed to be finished and the tunnel opened. They even celebrated it with the « Ministre des Transports » and so on. But They had the rich idea to put the circulation on only one line just at the entry of the tunnel, and moreover a day when there is scholar vacations starting, and so lots of trafic on the highway as people were going at their places for vacations. I always have problems with this tunnel each times I take this road. :-/
The day started not very well anyway as the postman find the way to pass and ring the bell the only time I was under the shower as I didn’t hear it. I was waiting for my copy of « Mono: A developer’s notebook » I purchased at Amazon.
Mono : A Developer's Notebook (Developer's Notebook)
But it ended better as I joined Fabrice and Valerie, my friends from Lyon, and Florence and Fabien, at a wine bar. We then went to a restaurant to eat together. Nice evening.

On friday‘s evening I watched « Blanche » directed by Bernie Bonvoisin. Really liked this movie.

On thursday, I went out to drink a beer at the pub. So long time I didn’t went out to drink a good Guinness. It was really pleasant. I hope that with this new shift I try to get, 10:00-12:00 then 14:00-20:00, I will be able to have a better social life.

On wednesday, I was awaken by the postman who was bringing to me the order I talked about in my previous post. The Moby’s CD sounds great. The two Bertignac’s CDs are fabulous as is the one I already got some years ago, and I kept the DVD « Blanche » for friday’s evening.


Asked Damien about the buffet. He told me there was still entrance left, but that he will put me on the list, in charge for me to bring the cash as soon as possible on FOSDEM’s opening (which is normal). Thanks Damien !! 🙂

Got a call from my uncle whose son , my cousin so 😉 , is working in Netherlands and lives in Anvers, this morning. He was telling that my cousin proposed to meet us on friday’s evening and even could host us for the night.
I already booked the hotel from thursday to monday morning, so I think we won’t stay there in the evening. Moreover Damien already planned that we could go to the pizzeria the friday’s evening with all present Gnomemeeting’s people, afaik dominance, Gianthome and johnny should be there, in more of damien and jonita, of course. 😉
But the idea of the visit of Anvers on friday make is way in my mind. I have to propose it to Harald if it happens we’ll meet on friday, and as my uncle told me Anvers wasn’t more than 20 min from Brussels by train.