Week-end in Angers

Just came back from Angers.
Slavka and I were in Angers this week-end to visit her best friend who is in France for studying.
We left Rodez saturday in the morning around 10:45 and arrived there at around 18:00, with a pause of 20 or 30 min after having passed Limoges. We even got a kind of blizzard on the road, but everything went fine and we found the place we were searching rather immediately.
Vani, Slavka’s friend, is currently studying PR at IRCOM in Angers. She welcomed us warmly and installed us in our room.
She drove us for a little tour in Angers by night.
The travel to go there was a bit tiring so I finally let Slavka and Vani discuss alone and went to bed.
This morning we went for another tour in town, for some blue chocolate, the speciality from there, and some more photographies.
Les chocolats bleus au nougat, sp?cialit? d'Angers
We left at around 16:15 and arrived here at 22:45. Happy to be at last arrived.
I was however surprized to not see much more snow here remembering how strong it was snowing when we left Rodez.
It was a nice week-end. We visited a nice town. I wil post pictures in my gallery tomorrow when I will have uploaded them to the laptop and made some triage.

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