Rhaaaaa…je suis vert/I am green..

As said in the title « je suis vert ». After having seen Canon bring out the Canon EOS 20D, a bit before XMas, they are now bringing out a 300D evolution , the 350D.
I was looking at he oportunity to sell my 300D to buy the 20D when this one came out, but finally decided to get trained with the 300D enough to really reach its limits before buying a new camera.
The thing i am reproaching the most to the 300D is the latency at startup or when it goes to sleep. Thing that was corrected in the 20D, but now i see that they equip the 350D with new DigicII which improves that too and the speed on CF writing and, and, and, and….BOUHOUHOUHOU :'(
Not fair.

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