Asked Damien about the buffet. He told me there was still entrance left, but that he will put me on the list, in charge for me to bring the cash as soon as possible on FOSDEM’s opening (which is normal). Thanks Damien !! 🙂

Got a call from my uncle whose son , my cousin so 😉 , is working in Netherlands and lives in Anvers, this morning. He was telling that my cousin proposed to meet us on friday’s evening and even could host us for the night.
I already booked the hotel from thursday to monday morning, so I think we won’t stay there in the evening. Moreover Damien already planned that we could go to the pizzeria the friday’s evening with all present Gnomemeeting’s people, afaik dominance, Gianthome and johnny should be there, in more of damien and jonita, of course. 😉
But the idea of the visit of Anvers on friday make is way in my mind. I have to propose it to Harald if it happens we’ll meet on friday, and as my uncle told me Anvers wasn’t more than 20 min from Brussels by train.

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