Travel(s)’ preparations

Okay, and hurrah!!!

This morning I booked the hotel for FOSDEM. I finally decided to go to the FOSDEM’s hotel, the Novotel. Perhaps a bit expansive but it will be more easy for us for the saturday evening’s party (except for now I still haven’t send the money for the buffet, and I have to ask Damien if it is still safe. I hope so).
Moreover Slavka got a mail from Harald saying that he will be there one day before, as us, and he gave her his cell number for us to get in touch with him when we will be arrived. 🙂
Impatient to meet him and discuss photography with him, among other things.


On another topic, I talked a bit with Dave Neary (aka bolsh) as i wanted to ask him about a thing on Gimp. He gave me the answer for the thing I was asking for, (how to draw a square or rectangle shape in red in a pic to isolate an icon for example, for a documentation I am writing at work for an application people use here), and then we talked a bit about Guadec 6. He told me he will certainly go there by car, sharing the cost with other three people (4 people in a car including him). And he proposed to me to be the fourth in case someone else wouldn’t want to go with them. It seems interesting. Though I would still have to go to Lyon on my own and join them there. And then that means going to the same hotel than them, though it’s certainly not too hard to support. 😉
However I took a look at the offers from Air France to go there by plane. I first looked from Lyon to Stuttgart, as I saw by browsing from guadec’s site, that they have direct line to Stuttgart. And I found a 317? ticket.
But then I searched for a flight from Montpellier and found a ticket for 293?, via Paris CDG, which would be more practical as I wouldn’t have to go to Lyon, then let the car there, and then for the return to come back to Montpellier and then Rodez. no waste of time.
Still to investigate.

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