Guadec 6 ?

While having some time at work, I took a look at Guadec 6 site. In fact, I started looking at this site after having evoked vacations time with my chief. She was asking me about scheduled vacations I wanted to take and I remembered my will to go to Guadec this year as it takes place in Germany in Stuttgart, and that I am really sorry to have successively missed the one in Sevilla, then more in Ireland, and last year in Norway. 🙁
I started to llok at flights to go there. I guess that going directly from Rodez where I live won’t be doable.
If some french gnomers already planned to go there, let me know how you’ll go.
Among all the possibilities, one would be to go directly from Lyon by plane. Another one would be to take the plane in Montpellier to Paris CDG, like when I went to Sofia last summer, and then a correspondance to Stuttgart.
I will have to check the train too, but i fear it takes too much time in travel; 🙁

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